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Judging at EUDC: Common mistakes in the judge tests Collaborative Judging
This document is part of our Judge Training programme ahead of EUDC 2018. It includes the questions used in our IA Application test, with common mistakes, correct answers and explanations.
Judging at EUDC: Oral adjudications Yair Har-Oz Judging
This video is part of our Judge Training programme ahead of EUDC 2018. It covers how to deliver an excellent oral adjudication and feedback to teams and speakers.
Judging at EUDC: Panel discussions Daan Welling Judging
This video is part of our Judge Training programme ahead of EUDC 2018. It covers panel discussions and is relevant both for wings and chair judges.
Judging at EUDC: Coming to the right call Olivia Sundberg Diez Judging
This video is part of our Judge Training programme ahead of EUDC 2018. It covers the principles of judging, and how to credit and weigh material in different cases.
Prep Time Strategies Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell Argumentation | Preparation | Tactics
A guide to structuring and making the most of preparation time.
Capitalism Aodhán Peelo Argumentation | Principles
A guide to making compelling right-wing arguments.
Picking and selling your extension Teck Wei Tan Preparation | Role Fulfilment | Tactics
A guide to choosing what extension to run throughout the debate, as well as how to execute it.
Discursos de Látigo (Spanish) Lucía Arce Role Fulfilment | Spanish
This workshop (in Spanish) discusses strategy, content and structure for summary speakers.
Debating and Analysing Religion Benji Kalman Principles | Religion | Rights
This workshop outlines how to debate motions about religion or make those arguments while avoiding common generalisations and assertions.
China Brian Wong Asia | International Relations | Politics
A guide to understanding China and the region, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, and further international relations
International Institutions - Economy, Geopolitics and Justice Milos Marjanovic Economics | International Relations | Politics
This workshop discusses economic institutions (WTO, IMF, WB, AIIB), trade blocks and geopolitical unions (NAFTA, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, EU, etc.), as well as institutions of international justice (ICC, ICJ, universal jurisdiction).
Relaciones Internacionales (Spanish) Olivia Sundberg Diez International Relations | Politics | Spanish
This workshop (in Spanish) provides advice on four key steps to follow to have winning analysis in International Relations debates. With examples relevant as of June 2018.
Whip speeches Danny DeBois Role Fulfilment | Tactics
A guide to strategy in whip speeches, with a focus on what to do when you have nothing to summarise.
Art and culture Enting Lee Art | Rights | Social Policy
A workshop on art motions and clashes: what is art, what kinds of art to preference, and who gets to profit from it.
Psychological argumentation Roy Schulman Argumentation | Characterisation | Social Policy
A guide to explaining incentives, behaviour, motivations and public responses.
Debating Latin America Sebastian Dasso America | International Relations | Politics
A guide to understanding and debating motions about Latin America
Stop sucking at principles Lucía Arce Argumentation | Principles | Rights
A guide to developing, weighing and structuring your principled arguments. It discusses the basic components of any good principled argument and how to weaponise it, including rhetorical advice and video examples.
Contextualisation Roel Becker Argumentation | Characterisation | Tactics
A guide to developing the skill of characterisation in debates - when to do it, why it matters, and how to use it to win debates.
Strategy Matt Hazell Argumentation | Tactics
A guide to "playing the game": choosing your material and engagement to win debates
Rage Against the Debate: Debating Technology Monica Forman Principles | Technology
A detailed overview of common issues in technology debates full of topical examples, such as the development of technology, analysing its use, social impacts, and issues with regulation.
Comparative Argumentation Owen Mooney Argumentation | Rebuttal | Tactics
This workshop will cover how to integrate responses and framing into your arguments to make sure you don't miss the debate.
Taller de Adjudicación (Spanish) Olivia Sundberg Diez Judging | Spanish
This guide (in Spanish) provides an overview of the rules and principles of judging, offers advice on panel management and note-taking, and discusses common mistakes.
Casefile Template Collaborative Improvement | Preparation
This document serves as a template for teams to compile their own casefiles for EUDC, WUDC or other international tournaments.
Guía para los Equipos de Adjudicación (Spanish) Olivia Sundberg Diez CA | Judging | Spanish | Tournaments
A guide to the obligations and motion evaluation processes of CA Teams, in Spanish. Suitable for both beginner and advanced CA team members.
Paris Training Weekend Workshop Collection Olivia Sundberg Diez Argumentation | Preparation | Role Fulfilment | Tactics
A collection of slides used at the Paris Training Weekend 2018. It includes advice on analysis, impacting arguments, preparation time, rebuttal, role fulfilment, style and strategy.
Intersectionalising your analysis Nishith Hegde Rights | Social Movements
This workshop covers how to make intersectional analysis, and analysis about intersectionality, across a wide range of debates about social issues.
Debating social movements Sharmila Parmanand Rights | Social Movements
An overview of debates on social movements, discussing issues of representation and leadership, their different conceptions of oppression and solutions, and dilemmas in choosing different strategies.
Eight ways to break the utilitarian bubble Doug Cochran Argumentation | Principles | Rights
This workshop outlines eight recommended approaches to understand, use, and win with arguments that question a utilitarian moral framework.
The Middle East: understanding and debating the region Bethany Garry International Relations | Middle East
This workshop provides some of the knowledge and understanding necessary to debate the Middle East. It discusses the long- and short-term interests of actors and their intersection with religion, economic development and conflict.
Clash in debates Duncan Crowe Argumentation | Rebuttal | Tactics
This workshop focuses on the concept of pre-emptive engagement and making cases which stick; it looks at clash using a variety of worked examples.
How to become your own trainer Martin Devenney Argumentation | Improvement | Preparation
This workshop helps debaters develop their own training plan and compete against debaters at a higher level.
Politics and Debating Gavin O'Leary Europe | Politics
This workshop covers the powers and incentives of different political systems and actors, to help debaters draw causal links between policy and outcomes. It also discusses common metrics of politics debates.
Deputy Speeches in Depth Duncan Crowe Role Fulfilment | Tactics
A guide to structuring your speech and developing your case in Deputy speeches.
Estrategias de debate (Spanish) Olivia Sundberg Diez Argumentation | Spanish | Tactics
Advanced and intermediate debating strategy in Spanish.
Making sense of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Ayal Hayut-man International Relations | Middle East
A guide to the Israel-Palestine conflict and useful approaches to motions on the topic.
Guide to being a Chief Adjudicator Collaborative CA | Judging | Tournaments
A guide to being a Chief Adjudicator and motion testing, for both new and experience teams.
Debate Training Workbook: Training Debaters for Excellence Bethany Garry Improvement | Training
A comprehensive workbook, including advice, exercises, and templates, on how to develop your debating society from scratch.
Debating America in the Age of Trump Bethany Garry America | International Relations | Politics
An outline of modern clashes and issues to bear in mind when debating America as a context or actor.
Free Speech Duncan Crowe Free Speech | Politics
A guide to debates about democratic rights, free speech and its limitations.
Islamic Terrorism and Radicalisation Ameera Moore International Relations | Religion | Terrorism
An explanation and contextualisation of Islamic terrorism, the process of radicalisation, and different actors' roles in its prevention.
Winning Sports Motions Janko Djordjevic Sports
A guide to approaching motions about sport.
Making Sense of Turkey Melda Eren Europe | International Relations | Middle East
A guide to debating Turkish politics and society, and advice on International Relations more generally.
Case Strategy and Construction Ashish Kumar Argumentation | Tactics
A workshop on how to build a coherent case and develop arguments strategically.
How to Survive Your Team Partner Collaborative Improvement | Preparation
A workshop on how to develop great teamwork for a long- or short-term partnership, and things you should think about in the run up to an international tournament.
How to Debate Awful Motions Martin Devenney CA | Tactics
Sometimes it seems you are lost from the point the motion is announced. This workshop offers survival strategies to find opportunity against the odds.
Winning with Non-Consequentialist Arguments Alex Harris Argumentation | Principles | Rights
A guide to developing principled, ethical, or non-consequentialist arguments.
Understanding and Debating the Financial System Chris Edgar Economics | Politics
A guide to the workings of the financial system and mechanisms to explain in debates.
Debating Immigration and the Refugee Crisis Olivia Sundberg Diez Immigration | International Relations | Social Policy
A guide to approaching motions on immigration or the refugee crisis, including common arguments and a discussion of the EU - Turkey 2015 deal in particular.
Seven Argumentation Mistakes to Avoid Olivia Sundberg Diez Argumentation | Improvement | Tactics
A guide to developing analysis without falling into common traps and logical gaps.
Understanding Far-Right Populism in Europe Daan Welling Democracy | Europe | Politics
An outline of clashes, examples and ways to approach debates around populism in Europe.
Effective Rebuttal Owen Mooney Rebuttal | Tactics
A guide to rebutting and breaking down the other side's case.
Feminism and Social Justice Dee Courtney Feminism | Social Movements
A guide to debating feminism, social justice and civil right movements: advice, clashes and misconceptions.
Winning from Opening Government Sharmila Parmanand Role Fulfilment | Tactics
A guide to approaching a debate from Opening Government: how to prepare and structure your case.
Yugoslavia - After the Break-up Ilija Ivanisevic Europe | Politics
A guide to debating motions about Eastern Europe before, during and since the breakup of Yugoslavia.
Development Hannah Tyndall Development | Economics
A guide to approaching motions about economics and international development.
Adjudication Yair Har-Oz Judging
A guide to excellent judging, panel management and oral adjudication.
How to Break at an International: an 8-step guide Joe Mayes Argumentation | Improvement | Tactics
A guide to self-development and training.
How to Break at an International (and break barriers): Women’s Edition Collaborative Improvement | Tactics
A guide to self-development targeted at female debaters.
Extensions Dee Courtney Role Fulfilment | Tactics
A guide to strategy and priorities in extension speeches.
Debating Rights Daan Welling Law | Principles | Rights
A guide to arguments about rights and principles.
Preparing and Adapting in a Debate Daniel Bramble Tactics
A guide to note taking, preparation, and prioritisation in debates.
Economics, Globalisation and Trade Hannah Tyndall Economics
A guide to useful concepts and arguments in economics debates.
Comparative Argumentation and Impacting Arguments Steven Rajavinothan Argumentation | Tactics
A guide to comparing arguments and beating the other side at their strongest.
Framing Alex Harris Role Fulfilment | Tactics
How to go from winning arguments to winning debates.
Criminal Justice Olivia Sundberg Diez Criminal Justice | Social Policy
Useful strategies and examples for criminal justice debates.
International Relations Duncan Crowe International Relations
A guide of useful resources and common mistakes in International Relations debates.
Strategy through Whipping Duncan Crowe Role Fulfilment
A guide to strategy and priorities in summary speeches.